2022 courses listed below.


This will be both a physical and mentally challenging day that you will never forget.


Learn the fundamental ZUU moves.

Learn how to program and design your own drills & why.

Learn the Traditional, Linear & #OCOZ style of programming.


You will be testing yourself physically and mentally and the end will be the greatest achievement you have ever endured.

Here's how to secure your spot. (FAQ's below.)

  • Mollymook- NSW. Sunday September 18-

  • Melbourne- - Date TBA

  • Sydney - - Date TBA

  • Book via the course venue list above using the 'BOOK HERE' link.

  • Complete the entire course Registration & Disclaimer form and submit it.

  • Complete your payment using the secure Stripe payment portal.

Want the

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Australia/ NZ only at present.


What time will it start?

Courses start at 7 am until approx 4pm

Is there an age limit?

The age limit for attending the ZUU Event is 16 and over. This is physically intense and children will not be able to do this course.

How do I book my spot?

Complete the registration form linked to the Course venue you have. Take note of the date and include that on the registration form. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Submit form and complete payment.

I'm a Certified Partner, do I get a discount?

Yes! To get your discount access you need to be a current Certified Partner and access your discount via the CP resource section. members.zuuglobal.com

What will I need to bring?

Training clothes, a changes of clothes (shirts) to stay dry, water, snacks, any personal medical needs. A towel to dry off sweat.

The ZUU ORIGIN course will be all of the above, a light lunch and pen/notebook.

Can people be spectators?

Only course attendees can be present

Is the ZUU ORIGINS for any fitness level?

No. This is an intensive training day and learning. You will need to be of good physical ability and be a person who trains regularly to be able to get through the day. Terms and conditions are below.

Is there CEU/CEC's?

No, there are no CEU's, CEC's with the ORIGINS course. You will still be eligible to become a ZUU Certified Partner but if you want the required learning points you will need to do the Online only BRONZE.

Full Terms and Conditions:

This event will be a pre-paid and booked event. Expect physical training and to be pushed physically- you MUST have Dr's authorization to attend and to participate in physical activity. Attending will be at your own risk. Purchasing tickets to ZUU ORIGINS means you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions. All ticket sales are final. There will be no refunds unless ZUU Global LLC needs to cancel the event. Based on planning we reserve the right to limit numbers. Your agreement to attend is final once final tickets have been sold.

Ticket sales will be in USD and calculated in approx AUD. Some banks charge fees to process international payments. It is recommended that you purchase private insurance in case of unexpected travel cancellations for flights and accommodation. If you require medical attention an ambulance will be called- there will be no medical personnel on-site. ZUU Global LLC and its staff will not be liable for any financial or physical issues that may be caused by attending these events. If you have any questions about the terms and conditions you can contact elissa@worldzuu.com


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